Craft your own mason jar wind chime using beautiful strung glass beads and enjoy its soothing sound as the wind passes over.

Make a Colorful Glass Beaded Mason Jar Wind Chime On one of my thrift store visits some time ago, I came away with an assortment of colorful glass beads for crafting without knowing exactly how I was going to use them. While my goal is generally not to purchase craft supplies unless necessary, these colorful glass beads could not be resist. My jewelry making days may be over but now these gorgeous beads could become mason jar wind chimes!

Have some extra beads lying around?

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Instructions for Constructing a Mason Jar Wind Chime
Step 1. Making Beaded Strands of Floral Wire into Strands for Your Mason Jar Wind Chime
1. Cut 6 pieces of 20-inch long floral wire. 2. Attach Bead Strands (Step 2) (optional step 3)

Working one strand at a time, thread one of the larger glass beads onto wire. Loop its end through and around it securely on both sides to hold in place the bead.

Continue to string beads along the wire until your strand measures 10 1/2″ long, looping the end through the last bead to secure it in place.

Repeat with the remaining five pieces of cut wire until you have six strands of beads in total and set aside.

Cut three 14-inch-long pieces of floral wire.

Set one strand aside to thread small beads onto it. Loop the end through each bead and wrap it around both sides to secure them in their spots.

Once your strand measures 6″, continue adding beads until the wire measures 18″. Finally, loop the end through the final bead to secure it in place.

Repeat with the two remaining pieces of cut wire until you have three strands of beads altogether and set aside.


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