Have a few minutes and an old T-shirt lying around? Create your own flower T-shirt rings to enhance any outfit from jeans to cocktail dresses with this fun recycled craft for adults! What makes this project especially amazing is the flexibility it allows in terms of customization – add vintage style buttons for an elegant feel, or bedazzled ones for night-out partywear looks!

Flower T-Shirt Rings
My tendency is to purchase clothes in subdued hues; my closet often boasts several identical gray shirts from one purchase. Not that I fear brighter hues; rather, I just forget I need them in my wardrobe. With some striking accessories like these flower T-Shirt rings around though, anything becomes possible and more importantly noticeable and amazing.

Flower T-Shirt rings add flair to any ensemble in minutes using only an old T-shirt and some creative hands, so whether you need an embellishment for day or nighttime events, or want an eye-catching statement piece before going out, try creating one of these flower T-Shirt rings from T-shirts for maximum comfort!

Don’t be alarmed if your flower looks flat when first creating these rings; over time (in hours rather than days), its edges will curl upward and become more flower-like.

Recycled projects are an amazing way to repurpose old loved t-shirts that no longer fit, like these recycled t-shirt bracelets, braided keychain and headband ideas. Now it’s easy to accessorize yourself in neutral hues!

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First, create the band for your finger. Measure and cut a 4-inch strip from the bottom hem of the shirt at its hem, avoiding cutting close to any sewn edges. Wrap this strip snugly around the finger where you intend to wear your ring for optimal results; as your shirt may stretch over time and it’s important that a secure fit remains.

Pinch where the edges meet and slide the strip off your finger before sewing along both edges to form a ring. Trim away any excess from the strip; don’t worry too much about sewing neatly as any seam will eventually be concealed by fabric.

Fold the shirt side over so that there are four layers, and cut out four 1-1/2 to 2-inch circles from this section of material. You should have four circles.

Sew the button into the center of a stack of fabric circles, then sew a flower at the seam line on your band.

My T-shirt ring is awesome, and on its first day out I received three compliments from friends as well as one sulk from my daughter because she wanted one too! Now, I need to find more T-shirts so that I can create colorful flower T-shirt rings of every hue – perhaps I should make a no-sew rainbow fleece scarf instead!

Over the years we’ve shared various recycled denim crafts – making use of old blue jeans rather than throwing them away – like this Colored Denim Scrap Wreath and Colored Denim Circle Tree! Recycling clothing can take place in endless forms; why don’t you try out different projects using old clothing and recycling it instead of throwing it out!? Leave us a comment below with what projects you have experimented with so we can see your creations!


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