Since The Walking Dead premiered, my family and I have been avid followers. Never missing an episode is something we love to do together every week! Halloween season premiere is always in October so this was an easy opportunity to do something unique and different; just in time! Eventually my idea for Barbie zombies emerged; all it took were some unsuspecting Barbies (insert evil laugh here!) for my Pumpkin Painting Party display!

Note: This project was initially created and published September 14, 2014.

My children are older now; my youngest is 20 and my oldest 27. Therefore, the days of scaring them or making them cry have long passed (although if you still have younger kids around this Halloween, these zombie mason jars might make more of an impression!). However, for Halloween itself this year (if anyone’s looking!) these zombie mason jars might just do it!

Decorating how I choose is usually met with great enthusiasm by my children – since my focus was often limited to crafting projects for younger ones, this opportunity to decorate for older ones presented itself.

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Every time an idea pops into my head and I feel I have found something original or at least similar, I do an online search to see if anyone has already done what I had in mind. With Barbie zombies there weren’t too many variations out there so I went with the original concept I had in mind.

My favorite Barbie is the one in a gown, as shown by The Walking Dead zombies who at one time were human beings – you can clearly see their clothes before becoming undead creatures.

I even recreated a Barbie-sized replica of the “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” door featured in Season One Episode One of the show.

Zombies walk solo or in packs; their sole goal is to eat flesh. So be wary! Since zombies can’t run fast enough for us to outrun them, be wary as soon as someone bites you; once that bite occurs it could be all over.

So if you see a line of Barbie zombies, rest assured you are probably safe – plus they make for great conversation pieces, whether outside your door or on your coffee table!

Use those Barbie stands for display! I used dowels instead, weaving them up through the clothing and into their nappy hair before poking one end into the ground – easy!

Making Barbie Zombies mes When searching for zombie Barbies, I went to a thrift store. There, I targeted dolls with worn out bodies with messy or ratted hair – I also checked garage sales as another potential venue to locate these treasures!


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