Making frosted mason jar photo frames is actually quite straightforward! These rustic frames look antique yet are made with new (or recycled) mason jars and some paint – the key is marbling different colors of frosted glass paint for that authentic vintage feel. Once accomplished, the frames make unique additions to farmhouse or vintage-themed homes alike!

Paper photo luminaries are one of my go-to creative projects! I absolutely adore all things photo when it comes to creative endeavors. These paper photo luminaries are some of my favorites!

Frosted Mason Jar Photo Frames These mason jar picture frames make a stylish display for photos in black-and-white or color, such as vintage ones. Put your favorite snapshots on display by placing one or more on your mantelpiece or shelf!

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Supplies needed for creating Frosted Mason Jar Picture Frames: (I used smooth-sided) mason jars of various sizes (I chose smooth sides) marbling medium (sapphire blue, turquoise and Aegean sea paint); craft sticks; disposable cups (nylon is best); cardboard sheets or sheets of plastic); black and white or color photos

How to make Frosted Glass Mason Jar Picture Frames:
Mix the marbling medium with the frost glass paint in 2 parts marbling medium:1 part frost glass paint mixture. Although instructions on the bottle suggest using 1 part marbling medium and 1 part paint mix ratios for optimal results, I wanted my frames to have a more transparent look so used less paint than recommended.
Stir thoroughly within a disposable cup using a craft stick before starting to mix your paint in it with three separate colors in an empty jar, dripping and turning as you go, to allow all three colors to merge and marble until your jar is covered completely with color.
Craft sticks can help spread paint evenly over all areas. Once painted, turn each jar upside down on top of disposable cups for overnight drying time before taking care to clean off excess dried paint from their tops if necessary.
Add your photos and showcase these frosted mason jar photo frames around your home.

Create as many or few jars as you like – they make wonderful handmade presents!

I made these to add dimension and variety.

Marbling of three colors makes these jars appear antique – perfect for adding some farmhouse charm into your home!


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