My son plays on his high school football team and was asked by one of his committee members if I had any ideas for centerpieces for football games. Thinking quickly, Mason Jar Football Centerpieces came to mind!

Mason Jar Football Centerpieces
Craft ideas typically spring forth when I tilt my head sideways; but this time was different! Without much success coming to me in terms of craft ideas, so I turned to Pinterest. Unfortunately, printables don’t fall within my realm of expertise, so if I need any then searching is the key! I also needed something unique for our party’s printables if that wasn’t available in store – such as these football party printables!

I came across these decorated jars on Pinterest without knowing their source, so decided to recreate my own version myself. From what I could tell in the picture they seemed simple enough so decided to give them a go myself.

Why Did We Create Centerpieces
Perhaps I should elaborate on why we created centerpieces so early in the season. Typically, centerpieces are needed for banquets or end of season parties; yet our season had just started! Instead, we had planned an informal get-together after attending an amazing team-building event that I highly recommend to any organization! We donated two hours to Feed My Starving Children located in Illinois, Minnesota, Arizona as well as offering mobilePack programs across the US.

At first, it was unclear exactly what we would be doing when we arrived in Haiti. I assumed we’d be loading boxes full of canned goods to be distributed that way – however I was wrong – this nutrition for children who are truly starving is extremely basic: each bag includes vitamins in powdered form, dehydrated vegetables, soy and rice products – very basic stuff indeed!

Everything must weigh exactly one gram and each person must wear hair nets, while those measuring the food are required to wear gloves while measuring. Any time someone scratches their forehead or touches their cell phone without first washing their hands before continuing, as their risk of infection is much higher than our own – simply touching their device could make a child very ill.

As I watched this incredible operation unfold before me, I was absolutely floored! Everything ran like clockwork while at the same time there was joyful music playing in the background and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves immensely. Words cannot describe my excitement at being part of something so generous!


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