Are you skipping over the yarn section at your craft store because you don’t know how to crochet or knit? Imagine missing out on all those beautiful colors and luxurious textures you could be exploring! There are numerous yarn crafts you can create without needing to learn how to manipulate knitting needles or crochet hooks – get together with some friends for an exciting adult craft night!

Wrapping Your Yarn Crafts:
Anything that can be wrapped can be given an entirely new look using any color and/or texture you desire – popular examples include wreath forms wrapped with single colors of yarn in single or varied hues/textures; Styrofoam balls can also be transformed into decorative accents by wrapping yarn around them, glueing as you go, then placing in a glass bowl or tall vase as decorations; alternatively you could even create wreaths out of yarn balls!

Use large letters available from craft stores to create beautiful monograms or add flair to recycled bottles and cans, glass vases and hurricanes. Try wrapping hurricanes using only a few strands instead of covering their surfaces – this allows light to shine through through between each strand allowing light to seep through! Make use of recycled bottles by wrapping just the center, turning them into pretty home decor accents quickly.

There’s always the classic God’s Eye craft which uses yarn!

Have you considered creating frames to display on a shelf or mantel with wrapping frames in yarn for an eye-catching display? No photos required; simply wrap one color of yarn around each surface of your frame to achieve a sharp and crisp accent piece. Alternatively, create your desired level of color by using multiple colors of yarn or simply your favorite by wrapping around each one individually.

Lampshades provide the ideal canvas for yarn wrapping; whether the yarn has multiple shades or is solid in color, the results are stunning. Create an ombre design by wrapping from the bottom up, gluing as you go and starting at the darkest shade and working your way upward. Change colors five times until finished for example in a warm ombre pattern you might start with red then move through dark pink, regular pink, light pink and then white yarn until finished – something like that would do nicely!

Add color and dimension to a dining table quickly for next to nothing by wrapping napkin rings with soft yarn in seasonal hues, quickly updating its look without much cost or effort. Also try wrapping plain storage boxes or baskets to give them some life; use this trick when displaying items, catching mail or filling them up with washcloths or soap in the bathroom. When holiday time rolls around, wrap foam cones with different types of yarn for festive trees – basic yarn, multicolored loopy yarn and fuzzy yarn all add wonderful textures – try wrapping three cones to create stunning displays in total!

What about jewelry? No longer limited to necklaces worn by children, there are numerous ways that yarn can dress up accessories for adults as well. Wrap yarn around bangle bracelets for a soft and cozy look or use thinner bangle bracelets for more subtle style; add beads or buttons along the way as another way to update worn out jewelry!

Yarn can make beautiful ornaments. By combining fabric stiffener and balloons, yarn can create striking ball decorations which can be displayed in various ways. After soaking yarn in stiffener, wrap several times around balloons without completely covering their shape until dry – then pop the balloon to reveal beautiful accents which retain their form!

Yarn Crafts: Making Pom-Poms
Pom-poms are an enjoyable way to decorate objects of all sorts and are an easy craft project. There are numerous tutorials outlining the process for crafting them – as well as different techniques you can employ in their creation.

Here you can learn how to make adorable yarn pom-pom chicks! These charming creatures are super easy to craft without needing special tools – simply your hands, yarn, googly eyes, and craft foam will do. Click through for the video tutorial!

Small pom-poms can be created using only a fork and scissors from your kitchen drawer, while to create larger or varied-sized pom-poms quickly you can create a template from cardboard by cutting circles out. Pom-poms make great gift toppers; ideal for adding that special something to a plain dollar store knit hat and provide an affordable way to customize any garment!

Pom-poms make great gift toppers. Perfect for adding some personality to a plain dollar store knit hat or made into a mobile for the nursery, you can pile pom-poms into a bowl or vase as quick decoration or string them at different lengths and hang from ceiling or birthday party tables for easy decor. Pom-poms can even make fun party favours!

Pom poms can also be turned into decorative flowers by simply gluing them to the end of a dowel and placing in a vase – an inexpensive yet decorative accent in any room. Red Ted Art provides seven ways of making pom poms.

Crafts made with yarn can make wonderful holiday ornaments: To create this shimmering Star of David by wrapping yarn around popsicle sticks; or create Monster Cards for St.Patrick’s Day using fuzzy monsters created using yarn!
Create your own Cardboard Tube Gnome this Christmas by decorating them with yarn beards; this project makes an excellent craft to do with children!
Need some more ideas? Take a look at Fun Family Crafts for over 260 yarn crafts for kids! Once you see all of the fun ways yarn can be used to craft simple projects, there’s no reason to shy away from visiting yarn aisle. With all these amazing ideas at your fingertips, you might not even want to leave!


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