Mason jars can be utilized in so many different ways. Today we’re using them to make gorgeous painted mason jar drinking glasses; but they can also serve as nightlights, herb gardens, or wall decor!

Painted Mason Jar Drinking Glasses I am constantly on the hunt for mason jars; not only am I fond of making luminaries from them, but recently noticed my children using them occasionally as drinking glasses!

My children, aged teens and above, prefer sturdy glass over plastic cups because they believe jars hold more.

That was when an idea struck me – painted mason jars!

Recently I picked up a box of drinking glasses from the thrift store. After painting them (tutorial – Crystal Enamel Drinking Glasses), they looked beautiful – not due to any issue with their paint application but because their thin, fragile frames quickly gave out and all broke within days.

Once I noticed my children drinking from mason jars, I realized they’d make beautiful cups for our summer barbecue. Plus, there was recently a garage sale with large mason jars for 50 cents each! So after cleaning them up I got right to work!

Americana Crystal Gloss Enamels were used, similar to what I used for the glasses several years prior.

Keep in mind that this project takes time. The paint needs 4 days to set properly before it can be used – please plan ahead!

As always, a full printable supply list and instructions can be found at the end of this post.


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