Add beautiful storage and organization to your bathroom with these lovely beach themed mason jar canisters! Or switch it up by making kitchen canisters instead. Either way, this DIY mason jar canister set is sure to be both enjoyable and beneficial.

Change the paint color on our mason jar soap dispenser to match these, too.

No matter how thoroughly I clean it, my bathroom counter soon becomes an unintended “drop zone”. Even though each child has his or her own private restroom, they often leave hair ties, clothing items and toys lying around for me!

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DIY Mason Jar Canisters to the Rescue!
In an effort to bring some order and beauty into my morning routine, I created some decorative storage. My hope was that making something pretty might help motivate me to keep the countertops clearer longer.

Mason jars can be an invaluable asset to DIY and crafting projects of all sorts, from gift giving to crafts projects of any sort. Their versatility means they can be utilized in numerous ways including:

Renovate tissue holders into something stylish; transform them into beautiful pumpkin decorations; craft rustic wall sconces for hanging; or craft these mason jar hanging sconces to use for air plants and other decoration ideas.

How to Create Coastal Mason Jar Canisters
Before you begin crafting coastal mason jar canisters, ensure both inside and outside surfaces of any used jars have been completely washed with soapy water for optimal cleaning results.

With a soft paintbrush, apply one coat of Chalky Finish paint in various colors on each jar and allow to dry completely before placing the next.


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