If you liked my original Epsom salt luminaries, you’ll love my easy patriotic craft. These colorful luminaries wear red, white and blue attire for any Fourth of July BBQ or Memorial Day gathering and double as both utensil holders during the day and luminaries at night!

Patriotic Luminaries
With BBQ season here and Independence Day quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to create easy yet festive luminaries to hold straws, utensils, napkins and napkin holders during the day and light up your backyard at night! Epsom salts add texture and create unique looks by layering textures onto surfaces – this DIY requires just four supplies!

What You’ll Need for Patriotic Luminaries
Mason Jars White Craft Glue Epsom Salt Spray Paint in Gloss Red, Gloss White and Gloss Blue for best results. I prefer Epsom salts because they’re easily available and inexpensive!

What you need for this craft are jars, white craft glue, Epsom salt and spray paint – it’s that simple! Just use your glue bottle to draw a star on the front of the jar then press that wet glue star into Epsom salt so it sticks securely – simply let dry overnight is best!

Spray paint. Done!
Unfortunately, the white one looks different because of it being semigloss while red and blue are both gloss – an oversight on my part due to running out of gloss in store! Whoops. Apparently not realizing how noticeable of a difference it would make!

At any rate, this project is easy and rewarding – you can read about using Epsom salts in craft projects here if you’d like!

Make these festive Fourth of July and Memorial Day crafts you’ll adore! With any extra epsom salt from buying new bags of the stuff, why not create some beautiful Epsom Salt Luminaries or Orange Bath Salts as homemade presents for loved ones this holiday season!?


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