Discover relaxation with this simple DIY beach terrarium idea using beach finds and an repurposed glass jar.

Why We Liked This Project At Sustain My Craft Habit, we love all things beachy; from sea glass Christmas trees to these hand-lettered DIY driftwood signs inspired by beach life, we can’t get enough beachy projects all year long! Who wouldn’t want a reminder of summer every day?

Repurposing glass jars into pretty and functional decor is another creative hobby of ours. Instead of recycling them immediately, keep hold of them to use in future crafts – who knows when inspiration may strike and you may create something unique like this upcycled large pickle jar centerpiece or vacation photo jar?

As an alternative, decorative coral would also look stunning in our jar.

Craft Supplies You Will Need
In this post we have included a detailed list of supplies we used in making our jar. However, feel free to choose any supplies of your choosing for your own!

Preparation Steps for Making a Beach Terrarium
Wash and dry the mason jar thoroughly, taking care to remove all labels or glue residue.

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Apply a light coat of turquoise paint on smaller driftwood pieces. We mixed equal parts of Chalky Finish Everlasting and Vintage Effects Wash Turquoise to soften its hue; any light turquoise acrylic paint with matte finish would work just as well. Allow these pieces to dry for several days before setting aside.

Paint the tall, coral-like pieces of driftwood with white paint for a dramatic effect. We used Chalky Finish Everlasting Acrylic paint but any white acrylic paint with a matte finish should do.

While the paint is still damp, sprinkle some fine glitter onto a piece of driftwood and allow it to dry before placing them into your terrarium.

Once the piece with a flatter surface has dried, use a white paint pen to write “breathe” across its front with an “x.”

Apply a coat of paint to the mason jar lid. Reapply any additional layers necessary for complete coverage.

Assembling the Beach Terrarium: For best results, pour the sand into a jar using scrap paper as a tunnel so the sand doesn’t escape everywhere! Tap your jar lightly to help the sand settle at the bottom.

Layer white sea glass in your jar around its perimeter, leaving only a small gap at its center. Use one end of your paintbrush to help position items within the jar.

Insert longer coral-like pieces of driftwood into the sand in the center of your terrarium, followed by smaller turquoise driftwood pieces positioned around them.


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