If you enjoyed our Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins, this adorable snowman mason jar lid craft will certainly win your heart. Sure to become a conversation piece!

Why We Love This Project Are you feeling crafty this holiday season? Look no further! This mason jar lid snowman project will put a festive spin on Christmas decor, holiday centerpieces or as gifts! Don’t fret if your house doesn’t already contain piles of mason jar lids: don’t worry; these mini snowmen won’t take up much room at all.

Part rustic and part modern, it stands out from any Christmas decor available for purchase in stores. Try placing electric votives inside to light up the snowman!

Affordable bands can be purchased separately, giving you plenty of choices for creating three or two level snowmen depending on how many lids are available to use.

Expert Crafting Tips For a smaller snowman, select 12 bands per level (either two or three “balls”) as shown here; to make him even fuller looking you could add additional bands per “ball.” When creating the lid for this snowman use any wide lid of about equal size instead.
Instead of purchasing two sets of buttons, an alternative approach would be to paint one black button orange instead. These step by step photos and instructions for making the Mason Jar Lid Snowman are here to help guide your creation of this project. Simply scroll down and print off these instructions!

Spray paint your mason jar lid bands and lids using white spray paint; at minimum 24 white bands will be necessary if each “ball” of 12 bands requires to create. However, two balls may suffice.
Add extra bands at each level for a fuller snowman. When painting his black hat, paint the wider lid as well as one regular-size lid and three bands – and allow everything to dry completely before continuing!
String at least 12 white bands onto twine or string per level of your snowman for each level (if you want an even fuller snowman, try 15 bands), all facing in one direction.
Tightly tie a double knot and trim both ends of the string. Shuffle the bands so they are spread out evenly in a circle. Hot glue black button eyes and an orange button nose onto two of the bands.
Assemble your hat using a hot glue gun: For this step, glue one regular-size black lid into an overlying black band; stack two additional bands using hot glue as you secure them to each other before stacking all together on top of one of your wider black lids; glue this stack on to one of your white band “balls.” Glue any decorative elements or decorations you desire onto this hat as desired!
Once complete, stack the snowman head onto another ball of white bands and secure with hot glue. Add another ball if desired and tie a strip of felt between two band balls to form a scarf for decoration.
Wow! Mason jars truly live up to my love! With this completed snowman lid decoration it has validated my passion. It’s amazing how easily metal circles can become adorable holiday decor pieces! Don’t forget making felt Christmas trees for an adorable winter scene.


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