Make Mason Jar Solar Lights as a Fun and Easy Decoration Solution

Why this project is awesome:
Most of the supplies required can be found at local dollar stores, though you may also purchase what’s necessary from places such as Walmart and Target.

Assembling these mason jar solar lights with your children is easy; all it requires is time spent making sure all glue dries properly.

Helpful Project Information: Long a popular craft activity among children aged 7 and up, this project involves simple glue crafts that require little mess but may take less than 10 minutes per participant to finish and cost an estimate of under $5.00 each for materials required. The only tools needed for the activity will be scissors.

Make Mason Jar Solar Lights These step by step photos and instructions are here to help you visualize this project, so please scroll down and print off these instructions!

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to activate solar lights, typically opening the top and pulling a tab to activate.

Remove the lids from your mason jar bands; these won’t be needed anymore and can be set aside for another project.
Attach a light to the mason jar band with strong adhesive like gorilla glue so it will take the place of its predecessor lids – you could even opt for solar lights as an alternative solution! The top of solar light will become your new lid.

Once the glue has set, reattach the light cover and secure the band to your jar so as to encase the solar light within its body.

Alternatively, to create a lantern style solar light, wrap craft wire around the underlip of a jar lid to form a handle and connect to either side.
Expert Tips & FAQs
Canned jar lids (the round, flat piece) can be transformed into many fun projects; we even have some mason jar crafts here that incorporate them! Check out some more ideas by exploring our mason jar crafts section!
Make sure that you turn on your lights early in the day. Either place them out in direct sunlight to charge before starting or after making the project; either approach is fine. We used Gorilla Clear Grip Contact adhesive in this project; E6000 adhesive may also work well.
These beautiful mason jar solar lights make an excellent way to add some fun and festivity to any backyard or camping trip. Just be sure to protect them with packing paper or bubble wrap so the jars won’t break!


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