Aren’t these adorable mason jar lid pumpkins adorable?!? Seeing them floating around the web for several years has become increasingly popular and makes an ideal way to bring autumnal charm into any home decor, not to mention reusing old canning lids!

Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins
In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to craft mason jar lid pumpkins while providing various decorating ideas as well. Not only are these rustic pumpkins great fall decor pieces but they’re super easy to create as well!

I buy mason jars not for canning as most would, but to create luminaries like these autumn mason jars; something about seeing light flicker through glass just delights me! But luminaries aren’t my only creation from mason jars: when looking for something pretty for summer barbecues I made these painted mason jars instead!

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Canning lids and bands can be purchased separately from mason jars; their prices depend on your desired size (wide mouth or regular) but should cost under $10 for a box of 12. Those familiar with canning will recognize this practice: while a lid must only ever be used once for food canning purposes, the rest can be reused multiple times! Rusted or dented bands make great additions – we suggest keeping these around!

How to make Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins: These step by step photos and instructions are here to help you visualize how this project should go together. Please scroll down and print off these instructions if needed!

As your first step, select your canning bands of either wide mouth or regular size from my photos. Both canning band sizes have their own uses – wide mouth is larger for larger pumpkins like mine whereas regular is perfect for small ones measuring 7-inches and smaller pumpkins measure 5-inches.

Next, determine whether or not you want to paint them. If so, be sure to allow enough time for multiple coats on both sides as well as drying time – I used matte finish spray paint, though other people have used gloss instead.


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