Make gorgeous winter luminaries that resemble freshly fallen snowfall using snow texture paint! Not only are these festive luminaries stunning and easy to create, they make wonderful holiday gifts too!

Create Beautiful Snowy Winter Luminaries
If you’re not like me and don’t spend the spring wandering your yard collecting pinecones, you can always pick some up at your local craft store – yes, pinecones do fall from trees in spring even though we tend to associate them more closely with autumn!

HINT: If you love luminaries but prefer purchasing them instead of making them yourself, Etsy offers an impressive selection.

Pinecones drop their seeds each spring, just like any tree does, to start new trees. Don’t wait until fall or you may only find ones obliterated by nature and lawnmowers! I was looking for alternatives to pinecones when it occurred to me that dried orange slices might make great additions as decor!

Snow texture paint is thick and usually applied using a palette knife, though paintbrushes or even craft sticks may work just as well. I use my fingers in this tutorial! Whatever works is fine; use whatever tool works for you!

DecoArt Glistening Snow-Tex was my go-to product for these winter luminaries, featuring its glittery finish – unfortunately no longer sold – though regular Snow-Tex is easily used instead by simply dusting with glitter. They also provide a Glistening Snow Writer which can help write with or add small details; I didn’t use this writer specifically on these pieces but it would work beautifully as ornaments! Finally, some lace was wrapped around each jar’s top edge before finishing them off with twine and baker’s twine for finishing touches.

I’ve created numerous luminaries over the years and these ones stand out. Thanks to Sno-Tex drying out quickly and hardening nicely once dry, they can easily be moved around if necessary if need be. Plus I love their wintery and festive appearance; adding some holly berries would only enhance this project further!

I went a little wild taking pictures of these winter luminaries; it was difficult for me to choose my favorites!


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