Create memories every time you go to your fridge by turning your favorite vacation photos into family photo magnets! These thoughtful presents make great additions for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or simply because.

Additionally, we crafted these exciting magnets, we also created this lovely Vacation Photo Jar!

Family Photo Magnets
Have you gone through your summer vacation photos yet? Chances are they have piled up on your computer’s hard drive just waiting to be used as gifts; well here’s an awesome idea that doesn’t require photo paper printing: just use plain old copy paper! Family Photo Magnets (above).

These magnets feature photographs from past vacations. I chose a variety of photos from trips we have taken over time to assemble this particular set of magnets. You could do just this year’s summer trip or get creative and send off photos to grandparents as Christmas gifts!

Microsoft Word was my go-to application for this project. To use it effectively, simply locate and insert or drag images onto a Word document from your computer, allowing for simple resizing by simply clicking and dragging on each photo’s corner to reduce size. For optimal results you may have to experiment with printing several times until finding one with suitable dimensions.

Once printed, spray both sides with acrylic sealer to protect its printer ink from running or smearing during decoupage. Allow it to dry completely.


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