Plastic storage drawers can be purchased from WalMart or Target and used for all sorts of things – make-up, toys, socks, craft supplies and papers are just a few examples of uses! I have several large cabinets in my bathroom without shelves or dividers – just an open space where all this clutter gathers!

So I purchased plastic storage drawers to use my drawers effectively since we don’t have a medicine cabinet.

Plastic Storage Drawer Makeover
My bathroom is far from picturesque. Built in the early 1950s and filled with decor from that era (see Victorian wallpaper and contact paper still within the cabinets!), there is still evidence of it today despite our best efforts to update it by painting green cabinets white and adding DIY decor pieces on walls.

My storage containers had been doing an outstanding job of holding onto items. But they had become rundown with handwritten labels peeling off, plastic becoming dirty, and general wear and tear.


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