These watercolor luminaries can be created similarly to tissue paper luminaries, but with your own designs. I chose a random pattern for mine but feel free to create anything from flowers and sky scenes to specific images on these luminaries!

How to Create Watercolor Luminaries With only basic watercolor paint palette and white coffee filter materials needed for this project, we will craft colorful luminaries. Perfect for adults, seniors and even kids! Makes an excellent “mommy and me” craft activity or fun project at craft night with friends!

Though my luminaries are multicolored, these would also look amazing with specific hues chosen – for instance using only blue and green paint while leaving some areas white will create an idyllic sea-inspired luminary; using red, yellow and orange watercolor will bring warmth into any room!

Making luminaries:
I was so pleased with how my luminaries turned out. If only some of the coffee filters had had just blue and green shades; those would have looked much more beach-y! Luckily, this craft is very affordable so I could definitely make more.

And as you’ll notice, I painted many coffee filters. As it turns out, however, only one filter per small jar and approximately one-and-a-half per large jar was actually necessary; hence why I saved any extra colorful filters for another project – maybe creating these coffee filter butterflies with Debra’s grandchildren!


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