Decoupage (Mod Podge) book cover crafts may be more popular during back to school season, but I love the versatility and comfort that decoupage (or Mod Podge) can bring year round. My book cover feels almost vinyl like and I absolutely adore its feel; I plan on creating more soon; though now that my kids are grown I wish I had known how wonderful these felt sooner!

Design this book cover craft however you like; I used scrapbook paper and steampunk-themed embellishments. So whether your son loves baseball or your daughter wants flower power, this craft will meet their tastes perfectly. Maybe this craft project is something for you too; design it however you please!

My high school yearbook required a cover, so I chose scrapbook rub-ons as a fitting way of personalizing it. Additionally, adding gears and keys shows my style now that I’ve graduated high school.

Begin with your book that needs covering. If you have ever attempted making a cover out of brown paper grocery bag, then half your work has already been done. Below are the full instructions, however the pictures show that I marked the inside cover so I can remove and decoupage it later, before reassembling when done.

I used a variety of patterns and colors of paper; you could also opt for all one color if desired. For words, I used rub-ons. First attach these words onto paper before decoupaging to cover. Once everything has dried out and book is in its place, hot glue or E6000 adhesive can be used to attach embellishments as desired.

Completed! I absolutely adored creating this book cover. When I made it in August, however, my 14-year old told me he didn’t need any. Too bad; now it looks like I need to create more for me instead!


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