I have always adored gingerbread houses, and Christmas village scenes in general, yet have not had one for several years. Although gingerbread houses can be fun to build temporarily from actual gingerbread, icing, and candies, I wanted a permanent Christmas village made from gingerbread houses to bring out every year – so using milk and juice cartons was exactly what I was after!

An Easy Gingerbread Village Made of Recycled Milk Cartons
Making gingerbread houses out of milk cartons is nothing unusual; children do it often. As much as I loved seeing my children create these incredible structures from waste materials over the years, as an adult I wanted something similar but more accessible – something my readers who follow this blog know is my passion : making things from nothing is something else I aspire to. So if you like wooden houses like my Birdhouse Gingerbread House then feel free to use those instead; otherwise this village was made completely from garbage! 😉

I had been saving milk and juice cartons to create an impressive Christmas village scene, but after seeing The World’s Largest Gingerbread Village by Chef Jon Lovitch on #YahooDIY it inspired me to build gingerbread houses instead! Like Jon’s incredible houses made entirely out of edible items… all 152 of them! They set the Guinness World Record last year with their first village but are hoping to beat themselves this time round – truly impressive and something I wish I could have witnessed first-hand!

As I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on faux candy from craft stores, I made due with what was available – mostly recycled materials or already part of my stash.

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