Recently I’ve become completely immersed in making comic crafts and superhero crafts. Although I had an interest in comic books/superheroes before the DC comic movies came out several years ago, they got me really hooked once DC Comic movies started coming out starring Adam West. Even as a child though I watched plenty of Batman TV episodes but since then have learned more and more about its depth characters and stories through comics!

During the warmer months I enjoy visiting my local flea market to browse for vintage comic books at prices starting from a quarter a piece up depending on rarity. Comic books seem to go perfectly with decoupage projects like maps so I accumulated quite an impressive stack for use as inspiration in my craft room.

Note that in the photo below you’ll see some round comic book-covered boxes; please find a link for that tutorial at the end of this tutorial. 🙂

And while my teenage boys may enjoy watching The Big Bang Theory, they don’t quite fit the mold of Howard, Sheldon, Raj and Leonard! To show off my new comic book frame I borrowed this charming child dressed as an easy no-sew superhero costume from Courtney for this photo opportunity. Don’t you find him adorable!?

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Always at the end of this post is a complete printable list and instructions, should they be needed.


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