I love making luminaries and have made many different varieties over the years. These fall napkin luminaries use pretty paper napkins you can find at dollar stores, big box stores or grocery stores for Halloween decor and festivities.

How to Create Fall Napkin Luminaries Looking for an easy project for girl’s night or seniors’ activities this autumn? Halloween/fall napkin luminaries make an excellent home decoration statement! They’re simple yet stunning additions that bring some magic and glow into any space they live!

Recently I conducted a Facebook live for this project; if you prefer not to watch the full-length version, an edited video tutorial version can be found here on my blog post.

Mod Podge Tips
Before diving in and using Mod Podge for the first time, please read these helpful hints beforehand:

White glue and water do work, but over time may become yellowed and cause discolouration of your project. Mod Podge (and similar decoupage mediums) have been designed specifically to prevent this yellowing process – for more tips, see our post on How To Select The Appropriate Glue For Craft Projects!
Before adding napkins, “prime” your jar with Mod Podge by applying a thin coat. This will create a tacky surface which makes affixing them much simpler. If possible, separate double-ply napkins if available; I used sturdy one-ply ones in this tutorial.
Apply Mod Podge carefully to the napkin with a light touch to avoid ripping it. Keep in mind that decoupage medium is liquid, while napkins can be delicate; using too heavy of an application could ruin your beautiful design! For best results use enough Mod Podge but not so much that dripping occurs.
Make sure your finished project dries completely (preferably overnight) before adding candles or displaying. Store the Mod Podge in a cool, secure location away from children and use as soon as it dries!
Place wet decoupage projects onto a wire cooling rack to prevent them from sticking to your table! It will keep them from becoming dislodged from their supports!


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