Have some summer fun crafting your own tie dye beach towels using two unique techniques!

Why We Love This Project
Tie dye beach towels are an engaging summer project kids will enjoy taking part in. Not only can they express their creativity with vibrant hues, but it gives them the chance to show them off at the pool or beach!

Here we present two methods, the crumple method and rainbow method – both are easy and enjoyable methods that both adults and kids will find fun to use! These projects make an enjoyable project together!

Helpful Project Information:, Squeeze Bottle Dyeing with Young Children [Age Level: 6 and Up, with supervision provided for younger ones], Mess Factor (High), Difficulty: Low
Time Estimate: Within 30 Minutes, Not including Soak Time; Cost Estimate: Under $15.00 Wreath supplies you will require for this project are:

How to Tie Dye Beach Towels
Here is an in-depth tutorial with images and step by step instructions to help guide your creation of tie dyed beach towels. Simply scroll down for printable versions!

Rainbow Method
To dampen your towel for this method, there are two options. Either dampen it before beginning and before adding rubber bands; or place all the rubber bands onto their sections then use a hose to moisten it from there. Either method works; as long as your towel is damp before adding dye.

Cover the surface you will be working on and spread a damp towel flat on it, before crumpling/pleating it starting from its bottom right corner. Squeeze tightly together until fully pleated before using rubber bands to secure into approximately 11 sections.
Liberally apply the colors to each individual section in whatever sequence is desired.

Allow the dyed towel to rest for 6-8 hours in plastic wrap or a Ziplock bag before removing rubber bands and rinsing using warm water, switching back and forth between warm and cool before finishing with cool. Finally, run through your washing machine as usual.

Crumple Method Fill tie dye squeeze bottles according to package directions, then cover the surface that you will be working on before spreading a damp towel across it and spreading as far as it goes across its length.
Crunch up a piece of the towel using one hand, and secure it with rubber bands as desired. Do this across as many sections of your towel as desired.


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