Today I bring you some spring comfort with these lightweight crochet sandals for women. Perfect for warm spring and summer days when socks become too warm.

Making crochet sandals is the perfect adult craft project to enjoy over the weekend, as they come together quickly. Did you make our Crochet Baby Loafers featured here recently? Why not give yourself an extra treat by crafting some crochet sandals!

Crochet Sandals
Readers asked me for crochet sandals after seeing my chunky gladiator slippers (the chunky version is cozy and even faster to crochet!). If you want matching pair for baby too, don’t worry! Get my free pattern for gladiator sandals here.

Tips: When crafting shoes for yourself, be sure to use the straps as a guideline in making these. Use your foot as an indicator as to how long each strap needs to be; these will loosen over time so ensure they fit snugly!

1. Work 4 single crochet stitches into the second chain stitch. Sc 14 (53 stitch counts). Hdc 3, DC 4 (7 stitch counts). Working across opposite side of chain: DC 4, Hdc 3, Sc 14, DC 4. 7 DC in final chain stitch. Join with sl st to first single crochet.

2. Ch 1. Make two single crochet stitches in each of the next four stitches, then 22 double crochet stitches across from them (62 total). Join these rows.

3. Ch 1. Sc. Ch 1 and SC in next stitch three times. Sc 22 then Sc 2, SC 22 five times before joining (70 Sts).

4. Chain 1 and start Hdcing in next stitch. *Hdc 2, 2 Hdc in next st* repeat 3 times until Hdc 23 is reached, where Hdc 22 to 22 should be worked 5 times before joining to form one chain (78 stitches total).

5. Join. Chain one, Hdc three times (*Hdc three, two in next stitch* x three times ), Hdc 23. Repeat *Hdc three, two hdc in next stitch (5) six more times for total of 86 stitches before joining with slip stitch to first stitch of chain one (*hdc three and two hdc in each subsequent st). Join.

Body: With your second color of yarn, begin stitching the two soles together using slip stitches. When finished, tie off. Locate the center of your heel, count 10 stitches to the right and join that same color yarn (from whence it came) by joining at this spot (working back down towards heel).

Picking up from where you left off, stitch a SC foundation of 17 stitches before working a slip stitch onto the other side of the shoe.

Size 8 Sole: (Work 2) | Ch 26Wave 2 Ch 26 WAve 2. Sc 16 Sc 16. Hdc 3. Dc 4. 7 Dc in last Ch WAVE 5 Working along opposite side of chain with Dc 4, Hdc 3, Sc 16, Sc 16. (57 Stitches). Join first sc with slip stitch (sl st).

2. Ch 1. Work two single crochet stitches in each of the next four stitches, making 24 single crochet stitches, then 2 single crochet stitches in each of the next five sts; complete this process until there are 66 sc stitches total; join with slip stitch.

3. Ch 1. Sc. *Sc, 2 sc in next stitch* three times. Sc 25. Repeat *Sc, 2 sc in next st* five times more to reach 24 stitches total and join with slip stitch at end. (74 stitches total).

4. Ch 1 and Hdc 25. Repeat *Hdc 2, Hdc 2 in next stitch,* three times; then five more times until Hdc 24 (82 stitches).

5. Start with 5 Hdc stitches, working *3 Hdc in each subsequent stitch* 3 times before moving on to 5 sets of *Hdc 3, 2 Hdc in subsequent st* (5 times) until reaching Hdc 24 (90 stitches total). Join with an Sl st and tie off.

Body: For an easier assembly process, begin stitching the soles together using your second color of yarn, starting anywhere. Secure them off when complete.

Find the center of the heel by counting 11 stitches right. Join yarn there (using same color for slip stitches and working from outside towards heel).
Ch 1 Sc in same stitch 22 times total (23 total). Ch 22 Hdc in 2nd chain from hook; then Hdc in each subsequent chain and Sc in next sl st on sole (7 total). Sc 49. Ch 19 Hdc in each subsequent ch then Sc in last stitch joined to first one via slip stitch (total 23 stitches total). Do not tie off.

Heel: For this step, build on what was started earlier by working a foundation of 17 single crochet stitches and then work a slip stitch into opposite side of shoe.

Size 9 (Work 2) Sole: (Ch 28) By stitching 1. 4 single crochets in the second chain and 18 single crochets over 18 single chains on opposite side, make 18 hdc 3scs, 4dc4 and then 7 dc in last chain (61 stitches total). Join with sl sts at first sc made.

2. Ch 1. Start by working two single crochet stitches into each of the next four stitches; SC 26. Continue this pattern for five rows until all 70 sts have been worked through and joined.

3. Ch 1. Sc. Repeat steps (a) through (c). Sc 27 and repeat *sc, 2sc in next stitch* 3 times more to form 27 stitches before joining at end with slip stitch to turn work over into first chain (79 stitches total).

4. Ch 1 and Hdc 27. *Hdc 2, Hdc 2 in next stitch* three times and five times; Hdc 26 (86 stitches).

5. Ch 1, Hdc in first stitch and work *3 Hdc, then 2 in next st* three times before decreasing by one stitch for 27 Hdc; continue this pattern five more times until reaching 26 stitches before joining with slip stitch and tying off.

Starting anywhere, using your second color of yarn, slip stitch the soles together using slip stitches. Tie off. Locate the center of the heel. Count 12 stitches right. Join up your yarn there (using the same color of slip stitches), working from outside towards heel.


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