Create your very own personalized drip tie dye backpack using this easy and fun technique! Fill it with vibrant hues of your choosing or arrange them in patterns; no other method compares! The drip tie dye method couldn’t be simpler!

Why We Love This Project
Creating a Drip Tie Dye Backpack can be a fun end of summer craft project for kids! They will love showing off their creations when returning to school! What we like best about this method is how straightforward and customizable it is; perfect for both children and adults. Mix and match colors or align drips in patterns for maximum effect!

See our tie dye beach towel project for two additional methods of tie dying you can apply to this backpack, such as crumple and rainbow techniques. Any type of canvas backpack – drawstring backpacks as well as regular white canvas backpacks work perfectly for this project!

Helpful Project Information: Whilst children aged 6 or above require supervision for this activity, its mess factor may be high with dye squirters used.
Level of Difficulty is Easy
Time Frame to Complete this Activity is under 30 minutes without soak time = Less than $15.00 For supplies you will require for this project you will require an assortment of craft supplies:

Download a printable list and directions at the end of this post.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Create a Drip Tie Dye Backpack
These step-by-step photos and instructions are here to help you visualize how this project can be accomplished. Please scroll down and print off our instructions!


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